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Global HCE Tube Welding Services - Schott, Archimede, Huiyin Group, Rioglass, Royal Tech, Dacheng


Apollo Solar Welding has patented tools and technology offering scale, speed, cost savings, precision in CSP parabolic trough solar projects -- with safety our primary consideration.

Automates and mechanizes an otherwise difficult and challenging manual operation

Minimizes loss from HCE solar receiver tube damage during fabrication

Reduces dependency on the skill of the craft

Experience with, and weld procedures for:


  • Archimede HCEMS-11 receiver tubes
  • Schott PTR series HCE tubes
  • Huiyin Group
  • Rioglass UVAC Series
  • Fresnel
  • Standard HTF use
  • Molten salt use

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    Stage 1: Production HCE Assembled in Shop with Apollo HCE Double Joining System

    With three HCEs loaded into the system, one operator welds two joints simultaneously, resulting in a 3-HCE assembly


    Completed HCE assembly is ready for transport to the field for in-trough installation and joining


    Stage 2: 3-HCE Assemblies Joined in the Trough in the Field

    (Photos courtesy of Enel Green Power North America, Inc.)


    • Apollo Solar Welding a Win-Win for Developer/Utility, EP&C and Labor

    • Apollo changes the way HCEs are joined in the shop and field

    • Apollo's technology has been successfully applied in R&D and new construction

    • No other supplier has automated in the shop or field the joining of HCEs

    • Cost savings are immediate, scalable, and long term

    • Labor costs and waste are reduced; dependence on temperamental talent is reduced

    • Safety, quality, productivity, and system longevity are increased

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